Figueira is a fishing town so it's no surprise that fish and shellfish are in abundance in the local restaurants, shops and markets.

One of the nicest aspects of eating out in Figueira are the many small family run restaurants that serve delicious traditional Portuguese food at very reasonable prices - there are many of these in the old quarter that offer fantastic quality and value.




If you fancy cooking at home you will want to visit the large covered market near the house - selling fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese etc, as well as clothing, lace, flowers and everything you might need for the beach.


The covered market is just 3 minutes walk from the house and has been in existence for over 100 years. 

A great place to see old Portuguese traditions in action including haggling - go for it!

For antiques, try the open air market in the main square just outside the covered market.

Here, you are likely to find anything from old coins and stamps, military medals, armour and weapons, to a whole stall full of accordions and gramaphones!

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