Guest Recommendations

Guest Recommendations


A few comments our guests have kindly provided...

Summer 2019 - "Dear Duncan, On behalf of David and us, I would like to thank you for the amazing experience David has had at the DofE Residential - GoFiguera Rowing Camp.  No doubt it is a testimony to your dedication in delivering an all inclusive experience as promised.  Your communication and follow up in the lead up to event and the feedback was also first class.  My apologies for not keeping up.

Apart from the wealth of knowledge and new skills gained, I cannot express how also very grateful I am to you for providing this opportunity in such a safe environment for a young (reserved) 17 year old, away from home with 'new people' - which is an important criteria of the DofE residential.   It may come as a surprise to you that I place an emphasis on safety but when children are raised in a safe and sheltered environment where we live, we tend to live in a bubble.  Thus, raising concerns over whether or not our children are street smart enough in the real world.  You have ticked that box of safety and I will highly recommend GoFiguera camp as the go-to safe-place for our children to develop their 'street smart worthiness' (at a camp with strangers) to say the least, on top of everything else it has to offer.   

I will also put the word out to David's DofE leader at school, even though the children are expected to make their own plans for the residential, it would be something she could recommend to those who struggle to make a decision themselves.  

David mentioned that the accommodation and food were also top notch and it was a lovely group of fellow campers to train with.  The bonus for me, was the return of the clean laundry! "


2014 - Summer Rowing Camp - "Hi Duncan, In terms of the holiday and its organisation **** and I were very happy. The communication beforehand was very helpful and prompted me to think about aspects that I wouldn't have and also reassured me of what **** might expect on arrival.
The rowing and coaching were excellent. Exactly what he came to learn and he absolutely loved the time spent with the coaches and on the water. I cannot speak highly enough of how much he talked about this aspect of the holiday - so thank you all. I can assure you that his school have asked for feedback on the camp as a possible destination for their rowing team and I am certain that he will give fabulous reviews. Thank you all so much for the week that **** was with you. He learnt lots and enjoyed himself tremendously"   Mum of 17 year old

2014 - Easter Rowing Camp - " I asked the boys if there was anything they could think of that would have improved the camp and they replied 'nothing'! They had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the rowing and the food and are keen to come back again soon. -  Head Coach at a leading boys public school who subsequently went on to their best success in 20 years at the National Schools Regatta. - they have booked with us again for 2015.

2014 - Easter Rowing Camp  - "That was probably the best water for rowing I have ever been  on!"  Senior coach of a top UK club speaking about the river Mondego on an idyllic day in mid April.

2013 - Easter Rowing Camp - "
We achieved all our training goals and we also enjoyed ourselvss tremendously - students and coaches alike, so we're very happy and very satisfied with the food which was great and plentiful -  which can be an issue on camp!"  Leading UK Uni club

2012 - Ben & Barbara and their 2 kids-  "
The beach was great and the whole town was very clean and lively.  We liked the house and the kids had plenty of space to run around.  We could park the car outside the house for free which was very handy"
2011 - Summer - Alan & Louise and their 4 kids -"We had a great time and the kids really enjoyed the beach and especially the outdoor activity centre and the water-park. The house was very nice and clean, with lots of space for the kids and perfectly located for everything we needed especially with us not having a car"

2010 - Rafa and party of 6 adults -- " The location and accommodation were perfect and I'd recommend Figueira as a holiday destination to friends and family. When we return we'll definitely contact you to provide us with accommodation - thanks again."
2010 - Don and Francisca  - Elderly couple  "We loved the cleanliness of the town and the free entertainment provided by the Casino. We also loved the food and very reasonable prices in the restaurants near to the house. The house is lovely and cool and nice to get out of the sun on days when it gets very hot"