Terms and Conditions

  1. Booking Details

These are the general terms applicable for all camps unless a separate agreement has bene provided for you or your group. Each camp will be described and covered by a set of Terms and Conditions.

  1. Contract

The contract is between GoFigueira Ltd and the Principal Person specified in section 1 of a separate T&C’s or in the absence of such separate T&C’s , by the person agreed via communication who then becomes the Principal Person. Throughout this contract any reference to ‘you’ or ‘your’ means the principal person. Any reference to ‘We’, means GoFigueira Ltd. The scope of services, equipment and facilities to be provided by GoFigueira to you are described in section 1 of this contract. Variations to the scope and price are by agreement and will be tracked by a suitably amended invoice and receipt with exception of supply being amended at late stages due to unavoidable circumstances. Usually, and unless there is a significant change of scope or numbers, the terms and conditions will not be re-issued and these terms and conditions will remain applicable for the contract however where a new set of T&C’s are issued then these supersede the earlier version.

  1. Booking Start and End Dates

The “booking start date” is the earliest date on which we have agreed any person in your group makes use of any service we have provided and the booking end date is the date when we have agreed that the last person will make  use of any service we have provided

  1. Passports and Visas

The principal person is responsible for ensuring that all guests have the necessary and valid travel documents.  Each will need a current passport to cross a border to enter the EU or Schengen area and will have to be valid for a period beyond the entry date – (more information can be found at http://europa.eu/travel/doc/index_en.htm . UK residents will need their passport to travel to Portugal as well as any post-Brexit documentation needed. UK residents who are not in possession of a UK passport may require a visa on whatever passport they do hold to travel to Portugal. Other non-EU or non-Schengen passport holders may also require a visa to travel to Portugal. You are responsible for obtaining the correct and valid passport and visas as necessary for your travel which can take months to obtain is some cases.

  1. Travel Arrangements

Depending on the schedule of agreement, we may provide transport as part of the package, However we cannot be held liable for any loss or expense incurred if for any reason you cannot reach any point in your journey at the intended or required time. We are not liable for any delays or cancellations to flights or other public transport and we are not involved in their booking or management even if we offer advice or tips on travel that you may or may not wish to consider. This includes where we may have introduced you to a 3rd party to help you decide on, and book flights,  as the relationship is between you and the 3rd party and they are responsible for providing all legal, administrative and repatriation cover in connection with flights and any other travel arrangements they have arranged for your trip.

  1. Insurance, Health & Safety

For their own protection and to ensure they get the best and quickest service should anyone have an injury or experience delays, each person in the group should arrange to be covered by suitable travel insurance which should cover at least essential medical care and travel cancellation costs. We are not responsible for providing this cover. We require everyone also to have sufficient insurance to cover emergency repatriation as we cannot provide or arrange air ambulance or other such services. Each guest is also responsible for obtaining the correct health certificates required such as for example if they have come from a country where certain diseases (yellow fever etc) are prevalent. We are not responsible for providing this, nor for ensuring that each guest is fully aware of his/her responsibilities. UK residents may not be able to use the EHIC card scheme to obtain state medical assistance after the UK leaves the EU – however private services are accessible and are paid for directly by the patient.


For groups bringing their own staff to lead the camp, we expect and require that the group is supervised by suitably qualified, experienced and insured leader (s) and safety officer(s) who are capable of forming valid risk-based assessments of the conditions, facilities and equipment on-site at the time of your camp.We will require you to nominate a person who will be on-site and to whom we will advise any local factors that we are aware of, however we do not provide expert advice on conditions and your appointed safety officer(s) is/are responsible for everything that happens to the group whether on the lake, on the river,at the marina, at any other venue or in transit, including checking and using safely any equipment we may provide you with. We can provide you with details of local hospitals etc for your risk assessments upon request.

Anyone in control of a motorised vehicle , whether land or water, is required to have the necessary experience and have with them a physical valid licence

The types of boats we provide as launches are SIB’s, RIB’s, Catamarans and rigged hulled. All are under 5 metres and with engines up to 25 BHP.

  1. Securing your booking, Deposit & Accepting T&C’s

Upon receipt of your depositas detailedin section 1 of this document (or as per your online selection),or within 7 days of sending these T&C’s to you with no reply, we will assume your acceptance of our T&C’s either as per a document sent to you via email (which take precedence) oras published on our website if we do not send you a specific T&C’s, We will then secure the resources needed for your camp and send you a receipt for your booking.


  1. Payment for damages & Return of Deposit

Unless you are advised by us otherwise, your deposit will be retained as a security against breakage and loss but where any breakage or loss exceeds the deposit the principal person is responsible for paying us the difference. Costs of any loss or damage to any equipment and/or facilities provided to the group will be notified to the principal person who is liable for payment ofthe costs and where possible should be paid for at the time by the principal person or someone duly appointed, but if not, will be deducted from the deposit if that is sufficient to cover the cost. In any event the principal person is liable to ensure the full amount as invoiced by GoFigueira Ltd is paid to GoFigueira Ltd including excess above the deposit.The deposit will be returned to the bank account you advise us by bank transfer once all final invoices from suppliers have been received and after taking account of any additional costs for services provided or loss/damages incurred. The above is caveated by the occurrence of cancellation in which case cancellation terms apply.




  1. Payment terms and Financial Failure Protection

The payments necessary to make up to the full price agreed must be paid in advance of arrival date by the dates indicated in the schedule. This is in addition to the deposit which is retained as a security deposit. Failure to make payments by any of the due dates shown in the schedule meant that GoFigueira can cancel the contract without obligation to return any monies paid or compensate the client for any other expenses incurred (flights etc). Payment is accepted by bank transfer and via our website (Paypal and cards). There will be at least two invoices; the first for the deposit, the second for the full payment and possibly additional invoices if additional services or numbers are added and /or damages. Your booking is insured against financial failure of GoFigeuria Ltd by IPP Ltd and its Panel of Insurers. This insurance is only valid for clients who book and pay directly with/toGoFigueira Ltd. For further information see www.ipplondon.co.uk.


  1. Additional or amended services

Guests sometimes findthey want to alter the arrangements once on-site and we offer clubs an arrangement where we can use part of the deposit to pay additional costs butadditions and amendments must only be done with our knowledge and agreement in advance.


  1. Changes to booking

If after making your booking and receiving confirmation from us, you wish to change to book on different dates, or alter the number of rooms or services or persons,we will do our best to accommodate the changes and we will advise you of any differences to the price– however we cannot guarantee to be able to and if the request cannot be fulfilled then we reserve the right to deduct any cancellation charges as detailed below if you do not want to proceed.


A guest may transfer his booking to another person by giving reasonable notice by which is understood at least 2 weeks. However we will always try to accommodate such changes at shorter notice also. Prices are based upon the number of people agreed in the group for the days specified. These must not be under-achieved or exceeded without our prior agreement to the number and any increase in price. Should this agreement be broken, then we reserve the right to make an additional charge. Also, if the number of attendees actually at the camp is less than the number agreed, there may be an additional charge per person which must either be paid for in advance or if this has not been possible will be taken from the deposit monies paid, and/or additional payments if the deposit itself is insufficient. If you decide to use any of the facilities for less than those booked, then the full charge will remain payable unless otherwise agreed between us.


The Portuguese national rowing federation and the Portuguese national canoe federation have first call on the lake rowing facilities so on occasion we may have reduced width of the lake available and/or we may have to use the river rather than the lake when it is not available.Where this happens we will normally have notice from them well in advance and we will pass on such notice to you. We cannot be held responsible however for costs of amendments to plans that may occur due to non-availability of the lake or river due to this or any other circumstance.


  1. Price amendments

Notwithstanding amendments to the booking as per section 11 above, GoFigueira will increase prices only under the following circumstances:

  • for fuel, exchange rate (when rate changes by more than 2%), landing charges
  • more than 30 days before booking start date

Should a significant variation occur due to one or more of the above events (of more than 10%), the principal person will be advised immediately and will be offered he option of paying the additional amount or of a full refund .The costs incurred for any travel or other arrangements made separately by the client are not included in any re-imbursement.


  1. Changes to itinerary

Once the group has arrived with us in Portugal but where it is impossible to provide the contracted supply, in the following sequence: the client will be provided with an alternative or if no alternative is available compensated for their lack, or transported back to the pick-up point and compensated. Compensation will not in any case exceed the value paid to GoFiguiera Ltd of the trip. We reserve the right to change your provision of services and accommodation if necessary and we will do all within our power to substitute the booked service with another of the same standard but they may not be exactly as per the contract. The principal person must advise GoFigueira Ltd immediately if they believe any aspect of the facilities or services supplied that are not as per the agreement so that we may have the opportunity to rectify the situation.


  1. Cancellation of booking or by You

Unless we agree otherwise in advance (in writing) , if any individual or the whole group wishes to cancel the principal person must notify us of this in writing. The date of cancellation is the date that the written confirmation is received by us and provided this is more than 180 daysin advance of the booking start date, the entire monies paid to us will be returned to the principal person (minus costs we cannot recover). If the cancellation is made180 days or less ahead of the booking start date, then the following rules apply – (with the exception of cancellation due to Covid 19 – see section 15 below):

  • From date of confirmation                                             Only the deposit payment(s)  is(are) non-refundable
  • Between 60 and 120 days of  booking start date              50% of full price is non-refundable 
  • Within 60 days of  booking start date                              100% of full price is non-refundable

The ‘full price’ means the total cost of the contract (excluding deposits) and including any variations agreed in writing up until the point of cancellation. All of the above is subjectto GoFigueira Ltd retaining additionally costs incurred that it cannot recover: for example administration and preparation costs, having to pay penalty fees for cancelling equipment, service or facility rentals or purchases agreed on behalf of the client, or other expenses already incurred. The monies required for the cancellation fee will be taken from the monies paid for the entire group. The above terms apply for whatever reason you choose to cancel (or not arrive as agreed), including if yourtrip is influenced by events such as war or threat of war, riots, effects of natural events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc) epidemics (except Covid 19), bad weather, technical problems to transport, closure of ports, terrorist activities or government action. In these cases we recommend you turn to your holiday insurer for advice on compensation for any monies you may wish to claim


  1. Covid 19 Cancellation

We recognise that for the time being, travel insurance will likely not cover cancellation due to Covid 19 travel restrictions. Therefore, If you and/or your group are unable to travel to the camp due to government (UK or other) Covid 19 restrictions, or will have to quarantine on arrival (for any period) or on your return to your home country for a period of over 7 days (and you are unwilling to do this), then we will refund the monies paid in full for those who do not attend, provided we receive written notice of cancellation at least 14 days ahead of the start date.  Disinclination to travel in the absence of travel or quarantine restrictions is not however included in this refund offer.

  1. Cancellation under exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances we may cancel your booking including there being insufficient numbers. If this should happen we would return to you all the money you have paid us with the exception ofduring the three weeks prior to the booking start date we may optionally cancel your booking but only ifthe following circumstances occur:

  • Your trip is influenced by events beyond our control such as war or threat of war, riots, effects of natural events (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc) epidemics, bad weather, technical problems to transport, closure of ports, terrorist activities or government action or similar events beyond our control.

We reserve the option to deduct costs we cannot recover from any refund provided. We are not liable for costs associated with cancellation or alternation of your travel arrangements you may incur because of our cancellation or for any other reason.


  1. Complaints

If you have a complaint with the accommodation, services, equipment or facilities, please immediately inform us (or our local agent if we are not available) and we will do whatever is possible to rectify the problem.If your problem cannot be put right on the spot, you must record the details of the complaint with us and/or the local agent and in our complaint book. We reserve the unconditional right to refuse a booking or terminate a person’s accommodation in the event of unreasonable conduct or complaints from owners or neighbours and in these circumstances, we are not liable to refund you monies paid nor for additional costs you may incur as a result.


  1. Other points:
  • Covid 19 suppression procedures will be in place at all venues and services provided on your camp. Everyone must abide by the requirements including wearing masks and gloves where required, using hand sanitiser and washing to maintain hygiene, cleaning equipment after use, and social distancing.
  • Entry and leaving times are flexible by agreement
  • For everyone’s comfort and safety, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the accommodation or in the outside areas of the accommodation perimeter
  • Fire extinguishers and escape route information are provided – you must ensure everyone is aware of them and knows how to use them
  • Guests are responsible for the security of their possessions. We may provide a safe or lockers dependent on location – please ask on arrival.
  • Guests may not bring in any 3rd parties to the accommodation  at any time unless with our agreement
  • In the event of failure of any devices , or breakage of any items, please contact us or the local agent to arrange repair/replacement
  • We cannot be held responsible for any interruptions to mains water, gas or electricity or temporary failure of appliances
  • Guests are responsible for looking after keys provided to them and loss of keys will be charged for
  • The accommodation will be cleaned prior to your arrival and communal areas cleaned on a daily basis  during  your stay


Acceptance is confirmed when the initial deposit is paid



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