We have hosted camps for many  top standard clubs , Uni’s and schools including Henley and Head of the Charles champions and we are well prepared and experienced in running camps to exacting standards for small to large groups to enable them to extract the maximum from their commitment to the camp

  • International championship 2km laned purpose-built lake
  • Separate warm-up/cool-down channel
  • Lake-side gym with ergos, weights, sauna, steam and jacuzzi
  • 20km+ rowing on the river Mondego
  • Boat, bike and launch rental
  • Secure indoor storage
  • Free towels, clothes washing & drying, wifi
  • Accommodation in Figueira da Foz near the beach
  • Hearty Portuguese meals - you won't go hungry!
  • Special dietary requirements - no problem.
The above are general aspects of the camp. We will agree all details of your camp to your specific requirements in advance.

Contact us for more details and to discuss your requirements:


Phone:  Duncan on 0044 (0) 7973 179556



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Please take a look at our recommendations page for some comments kindly provided by previous guests
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