Carnaval in Figueira is a fiesta of elaborate costume (of just about any theme!) , samba , drums and dancing along the main boulevard beside the beach. 

It's a very family oriented affair and with participants from about 5 years old to any age whatever.  It's spectacular, noisy, fun and impressive and it costs just €3 for entry

Carnaval is in March - on the first Tuesday and repeats the following Sunday and on a smaller scale again one day in August.


Egyptians_1-_red Flintstones_1_-_red
Group_of_Peacocks_3_-_red Mad_Hatters_Group_2_-_red
Batwoman_1_-_red Black_Peacock_-_red
Superwoman_2_-_red Golden_Peacock_1_-_red


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