Nightlife & Fado



With a very agreeable climate it's nice to enjoy a meal outside or watch one of the music events organised either on, or near to the beach. The bars and cafes around the centre start to fill up around 11pm as the later crowd comes out -  and after a few hours, many move on to the nightclubs that stay open until 5 or 6am.

Aside from bars, clubs, restaurants and live music events, Figueira offers also offers the Casino with international cabaret the Centre of Arts and Entertainment which hosts theatre, dance and music events nightly and occasionally Fado played live in a music bar, or restaurant.






The most widely recognised music of Portugal, Fado has been an extremely popular form among the Portuguese for nearly two centuries.

A bluesy style of music, it began to gain popularity among the urban poor of Lisbon in the 19th century.  Coimbra and Lisbon are now the two main centres of Fado in Portugal

Although Fado can sometimes be heard in the bars (often in Karaoke bars!) and one-off events in Figueira, it can also be found either in the CAE or in one of the restaurants in Coimbra 



The Casino - which is one of only a handful in Portugal - is right in the centre of town and lays on (usually free) international cabaret most evenings and live music in the cocktail bar - ranging from Cuban Salsa to European dance spectaculars, to Portuguese Fado.

A full range of games is on offer including roullette, blackjack, poker and a large selection of gaming machines and is open until very late, every evening of the week.


Centre of Arts and Entertainment



Opened in 2004 near the centre of Figueira, the CAE is an attractive and important venue on the Portuguese arts and theatre circuit.

A diverse range of productions are staged ranging from classical opera to modern dance productions. 

Ticket prices are very reasonable - see the CAE website for details:




Bizet's Carmen on stage at CAE


A modern dance production at CAE




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